LCTPC Collaboration Members

The map below shows the LCTPC collaboration member institutes as listed in the second Addendum of the Memorandum of Agreement from 2008.

The LCTPC structure is divided in three regions with corresponding regional coordinators:

Below you find a table for each region with the member institutes and the collaboration board member from each institute.


Collaboration Board Member
Madhu Dixit
Carleton University
Alain Bellerive
Victoria University
Dean Karlen
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Alexei Lebedev


Collaboration Board Member
Tsinghua University
Zhi Deng
Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS
Huirong Qi
Saha Institute Kolkata
Supratik Mukhopadhyay
Hiroshima University
Tohru Takahashi
Iwate University
Shinya Narita
Keisuke Fujii
Saga University
Akira Sugiyama
Kogakuin University
Takashi Watanabe
Nagasaki Inst. AS
Ken Oyama


Collaboration Board Member
Inter University ULB-VUB
Gilles De Lentdecker
CEA Saclay
Paul Colas
Bonn University
Jochen Kamniski, Klaus Desch
Ties Behnke
Hamburg University
Ties Behnke
University of Kyiv
Oleg Bezshyyko
MPI Munich
Ron Settles
Siegen University
Ivor Fleck
Peter Kluit
Lund University
Leif Jönsson


Besides the members listed in the tables above, there are groups or persons that could not sign the MOA but want to be informed on the progress and are included in the LCTPC mailing list. These observer institutes are: Iowa State University, MIT, Purdue University, Yale University, TU Munich, UMM Krakow, University of Rostock, CERN, University of Aachen, U Cornell, U Indiana, U Montreal, Stony Brook, LBNL, Louisiana Tech, U Tokyo, Tokyo U A & T, Mindanao, Novosibirsk, Freiburg University, University of Karlsruhe, UMM Krakow, St. Peterburg and NIP-NE Bucharest.