Linear Collider Notes

The following list contains LC Notes that either have been published by the LCTPC collaboration or that cover subjects that are related to the R&D and work of the LCTPC.

"Correction Methods for TPC Operation in Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields", LC-DET-2010-001 , Peter Schade (2010-08-27 )
"A Slow Control System for R&D Studies on TPCs", LC-DET-2008-005, Oliver Schäfer (2008-12-17)
"The Linear Collider TPC:Revised Magnetic-field Requirements", LC-DET-2008-002, R. Settles, W. Wiedenmann (2008-07-18)
"MarlinTPC: A Marlin based common TPC software framework for the LC-TPC collaboration", LC-TOOL-2007-001, Jason Abernathy, Klaus Dehmelt, Ralf Diener, Jim Hunt, Matthias Enno Janssen, Martin Killenberg, Thorsten Krautscheid, Astrid Muennich, Martin Ummenhofer, Adrian Vogel, Peter Wienemann (2007-09-06)
"Background Simulations for the International Linear Collider", LC-DET-2007-012, Adrian Vogel (2007-11-12)
"Geant4 Simulations of Machine-Induced Background in a TPC", LC-DET-2007-009, Adrian Vogel (2007-09-11)
"Update on the Beam-Related Backgrounds in the LDC Detector", LC-DET-2007-008, Adrian Vogel (2007-09-11)
"TPC R&D for an ILC Detector", LC-DET-2007-005, LCTPC collaboration (2007-06-11)
"Spatial resolution of a GEM readout TPC using the charge dispersion signal", LC-DET-2006-006, K.Boudjemline, M.S.Dixit, J.-P.Martin and K.Sachs (2006-10-29)
"Track Parameters in LCIO", LC-DET-2006-004, Thomas Krämer (2006-08-04)
"Simulating the Charge Dispersion Phenomena in Micro Pattern Gas Detectors with a Resistive Anode", LC-DET-2006-003, Madhu Dixit and Alasdair Rankin (2006-05-16)
"The Coordinate System for LDC Detector Studies", LC-DET-2005-009, Adrian Vogel (2005-10-25)
"High Magnetic Field Performance of a GEM-TPC", LC-DET-2004-015, Peter Wienemann (2004-08-31)
"A DAQ System for Linear Collider TPC Prototypes based on the ALEPH TPC Electronics", LC-DET-2004-013, M. Ball, N. Ghodbane, M. Janssen, P. Wienemann (2004-07-22)
"Resolution studies of cosmic-ray tracks in a TPC with GEM readout", LC-DET-2004-004, R. K. Carnegie, M. S. Dixit, J. Dubeau, D. Karlen, J.-P. Martin, H. Mes and K. Sachs (2004-02-17)
"Charge Transfer and Charge Broadening of GEM Structures in High Magnetic Fields", LC-DET-2004-003, M.Killenberg, S.Lotze, J.Mnich, A.Muennich, S.Roth, F.Sefkow, M.Weber, P.Wienemann (2004-02-11)
"A Silicon Envelope for the TPC", LC-DET-2003-013, L.E.Augustin, M.Baulillier, M.Berggren, B.Canton, C.Carimalo, W.DaSilva, D.Imbault, F.Kapusta, H.Lebbolo, F.Rossel, A.Savoy-Navarro, D.Vincent (2003-06-03)
"A TPC for a future linear collider", LC-DET-2002-008, LC TPC group, R.Settles (2002-07-24)
"Studies of dE/dx capabilities of a TPC for the future Linear Collider TESLA", LC-DET-2001-043, M.Gruwe (2001-01-27)
"Pad readout geometries for a TPC with GEM readout for the TESLA linear collider", LC-DET-2001-014, M. Schumacher (2001-01-16)
"Development of a TPC with GEM readout", LC-DET-2001-006, T.Behnke, M. Hamann, M.Schumacher (2001-01-15)
"Gas Studies for a TPC of a detector for the future linear collider TESLA", LC-DET-1999-003-TESLA, Magali Gruwe (1999-02-01)