Readout Modules for the Large Prototype

Drawings and images of the frames for the read-out modules can be found on Large Prototype web page of the Cornell University.
Several readout modules for the Large Prototype have been equipped with different gas amplification and read-out systems. They have been and are used for measurements in the electron testbeam T24/1 at DESY. Below you find some pictures and figures from these modules.


MicroMEGAS with Pad Read-Out

Standard bulk MicroMEGAS module with pad read-out


Event display picture from the MicroMEGAS module taken at the electron testbeam T24/1


GEM with Pad Read-Out


GEM Module: pad plane (top), layout sketch (bottom left) and GEM foil (bottom right)


Event display picture with 3 GEM modules taken at the electron testbeam T24/1

GEM with Pixel Read-Out

GEm with Pixel Read-Out Module: TimePix chip read-out board (left), chips mounted in anode plate (middle), GEMs mounted on top of the pixel read-out in module (right)


Event Display of Pixel Read-Out with GEM amplification