Memorandum of Agreement

Here you can find documents on the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the Formation of the LCTPC collaboration.

Memorandum of Agreement
Memorandum of Agreement Oct. 2007
Memorandum of Agreement - Oct. 2007 / July 2008 (merged version)
Memorandum of Agreement, revised version, June 2016
Memorandum of Agreement - Addendum 1 (2007)
The LCTPC Collaboration groups, collaboration board and technical board as of August 2008
The LCTPC Collaboration MOA signees as of September 2008
Memorandum of Agreement - Addendum 2 (2008)
Memorandum of Agreement - Addendum 3 (2009)
Scenarios draft for Addendum 2010
Addendum 2010-11 to the LCTPC MOA
R&D organization and DBD planning
Addendum 2011-12 to the LCTPC MOA
Latest on R&D organization and DBD planning
Addendum 2013 to the LCTPC MOA
R&D organization and ILD TPC planning after the DBD
Updated Responsibilities
Addendum 2014 to the LCTPC MOA
Addendum 2015 to the LCTPC MOA
Addendum 2016 to the LCTPC MOA
Addendum 2017 to the LCTPC MOA

MOA Signatories (Status December 2014) *

Signature Brussels
Signature Indiana
Signature EUDET
Signature CERN
Signature Tsinghua
Signature Kinki
Signature BINP
Signature Lund
Signature Nikhef
Signature Bonn
Signature Saga
Signature MPI
Signature Rostock
Signature Carleton
Signature Victoria
Signature Aachen
Signature Triumf
Signature DESY
Signature Hamburg
Signature Saclay
Signature Kogakuin
Signature KEK
Signature BNL
Signature Cornell
Signature Saha
Signature Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
Signature Tokyo University of Agriculture and technology
Signature Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Signature University of Siegen
Signature Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University
Signature Hubei U. of Techn., Wuhan, China
Signature of Iwata University, Morioka, Japan
Signature of Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science

* The order is the order in which the signatures were received and otherwise has no significance.