Testbeam Campaigns and Run Data

The MarlinTPC Wiki contains besides software information also some information about Testbeam data, the central LCTPC grid data storage and basic grid info.

Testbeam Campaigns

Incomplete list of testbeam campaigns:

Asian 3 GEM Module campaign - December 2012

Detailed information about this test beam campaign including a time line, preliminary analysis plots and an overview of the data runs can be found on the Asian ILC TPC Wiki page.

DESY LP GridGEM 3 module campaigns

Information about the data runs can be found on this web page:
run database of DESY 3 module campaigns.
A detailed log of the testbeam campaigns can be found in the LP1 electronic logbook [password protected].
The module itself is described here.

Micromegas 6 Module Test - July 2012

Her you can find an Excel spreadsheet with information on the data runs during this campaign:

This information is also available as a Google spreadsheet.