Reviews and Special Meetings


MarlinTPC Working Meeting 2009

A face to face meeting at DESY, Hamburg about how to get started with MarlinTPC. The goal of the meeting is to enable user to run their own reconstruction and analysis. We want to identify problems and things that need to be done.

In addition there will be technical discussions how to handle conditions data and about tracking code and tracking algorithms.

ILC Agenda page


LCTPC School 2008

ILC Agenda page of the TPC School 2008 at the CCAST / Tsinghua University, China.


TPC Analysis Jamboree

The TPC Analysis Jamborees are meant to give a forum to discuss all the physics and mathematical issues that affect TPC operation and performances as well as reconstruction and analysis topics. These meetings are not limited to LCTPC, but are also visited by scientists from other TPC and gas detector developments like for example PANDA, ALICE, T2K and others.

Agendas and Material of the Analysis Jamborees can be found on the meeting pages:


Tracking Review at Beijing 2007

(Meeting of the WWS R&D panel)

TPC presentations:


"TPC R&D for an ILC Detector", Status Report from the LCTPC collaboration