A Time Projection Chamber for a future Linear Collider

The LCTPC collaboration formed to join the international efforts to develop a high-performance Time Projection Chamber (TPC) for the physics up to 1 TeV cms energy at the planned International Linear Collider (ILC). Currently groups from the Americas, Europe and Asia are involved in the research.

Latest News

November 27, 2009: ILD Workshop 2010

The ILD concept group holds the third dedicated ILD workshop, on January 28-January 30, 2010, in Paris.

November 22, 2009: MarlinTPC Working Meeting

The MarlinTPC Working Meeting will take place from the 23 to the 25 November 2009 at DESY. It is intended to be a face to face meeting about how to get started with MarlinTPC. The goal of the meeting is to enable user to run their own reconstruction and analysis. We want to identify problems and things that need to be done.
In addition there will be technical discussions how to handle conditions data and about tracking code and tracking algorithms.

Programme on Indico

June 26, 2009: Test Beam Schedule [UPDATE: November 27, 2009]

[UPDATE]The link to the test beam schedule has been updated and should now always lead to the latest document.

The latest beam test schedule can be downloaded here.

August 6th, 2008

The construction of the fieldcage of the Large TPC Protoype has been finished. Today, the fieldcage arrived at DESY. In the next weeks, it will be tested mechanically, electrically and on gas tightness.
Below a few pictures are shown of its arrival.

Photogallery of the arrival


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